Business Continuity Solutions

What is a Business Continuity Solution?

We get that question a lot.  In our realm of solutions, a Business Continuity Solution, or BCS, is something that will help ensure that you don’t have a ‘break’ in the ongoing ability to transact business with your customers, suppliers and employees.  Thus the term ‘Continuity’.

Many things can cause a company to lose the ability to do their day to day business functions, and most usually revolve around IT solutions.  This is because most companies are so heavily dependent on computers for their day to day functioning.  Falling back to ‘paper’ is almost impossible nowadays.

The goal of EverSafe! is to cover as many scenarios as possible that can cause a company to not be able to do business relating to their IT infrastructure.  Some of the many causes include:

  • Human Error (i.e. accidentally deleting critical business data or performing a software function that corrupts business software such as ERP or CRM).  As a provider of ERP solutions, I’ve personally seen clients accidentally merge every customer into one customer ID with no ‘undo’ function.  Not pretty.
  • Hackers
  • Identity theft
  • Virus’s
  • Power Failures
  • Hardware failures such as crashed hard drives, blown motherboards and bad power supplies
  • Random data corruption
  • Human Sabotage (fired employee dialing in and erasing or formatting disk drives)
  • A program update or operating system patch that goes awry causing substantial system damage
  • Local server room physical problems such as: broken sprinkler head, busted water pipe in bathroom above, Air conditioner on roof becoming clogged and leaking from the roof, lightning strike nearby or directly on the building, building fire (usually the sprinklers do more damage than the fire which is often in another part of the building)
  • Regional Disaster such as Hurricanes, floods, wildfires, tornadoes, earthquakes etc.
  • Terrorism

There are dozens of various backup solutions on the market that copy your data in case something happens.  However Business Continuity Solutions need to go well beyond just backing up your data.  They need to provide the ability, whether you have a single server failure, or a natural disaster, to ensure your employees and business can continue operating with little or no downtime.

EverSafe! accomplishes this extremely affordably by being able to virtualize your down server in minutes on premise via our on-site appliance and in the cloud if your building were to suffer a site wide disaster.

Watch the demonstration video’s on this page to see how EverSafe! covers you for all these scenarios and others that aren’t listed.

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