Business Grade Backup Solutions


Online Business Backup & Cloud Storage

EverSafe’s business backup solutions are designed to allow you to fully protect all of your business data in the cloud with no downtime.


With full support for Physical & Virtual Servers, Exchange Server, SQL Server, SharePoint and other ‘in use’ files, you can be sure your entire ecosystem is backed up

Access to your Business Data is crucial

Just like a Fortune 500 company, having uninterrupted access to our applications and business data is crucial.  However, unlike them, you don’t have a huge budget and a large pool of technical folks to manage it all.


With EverSafe! Hybrid Cloud Backup for Businesses, you have the same protection as large enterprise grade solutions have but for a fraction of the cost.  We have enterprise features including: complete snapshots as often as every 5 minutes of your entire system, not just documenbts, friendly comprehensive browser based administration for non technical users, free data roundtrips (seeding) for backing up large amounts of data initially,  the ability to backup all in use components such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Sharepoint etc.  All delivered at a price that even small businesses can afford.


Our patented ‘screen shot’ technology boots up copies of all your servers daily and emails a screenshot to give you the peace of mind that EverSafe! is ready to take over should you need it at any time.

Backup for everything in your business

EverSafe! goes well beyond typical online backup solutions.  Eversafe! does what the best Online Business Backup and Cloud Storage companies do but goes much further.  EverSafe! uses a Hybrid approach that gives you the benefits of an on-premise solution along with the safety and security of a Cloud solution.  By initially storing your data in an appliance in your offices, the ability to quickly backup to and restore large volumes of data nearly instantly is unmatched.  If a server with a 1TB hard disk crashes, you can restore that data to a new drive in mere minutes.  Something that can take many days, weeks or even months with some cloud only solutions.  However, if you suffer a site disaster such as a fire or flood, all your data is securely backed up in two bi-coastal data centers ready for overnight shipment to you at any time.

No Downtime

Unlike the vast majority of online cloud backup solutions, EverSafe! is not only backing up your data, but because it is backing up entire ‘clones’ of your servers, it has the ability to instantly virtualize them and run them on-site in the local appliance.  It’s like having a ‘stand-by generator’ for all your IT systems.  Should a server go down, physical, or virtual, EverSafe! can be up and running in minutes and you users never skip a beat.

Since we are sending these same ‘clones’ to the cloud, should your facilities be knocked out by something such as a natural disaster, our EverSafe! servers in the cloud can run all of your applications at full performance until you re-establish your office.  Most cloud backup companies use hardware in data centers that have far less power than a typical low end desktop PC because they merely backup your data.  Our cloud servers are enterprise grade, Intel based multi-core, RAID servers able to run as many systems as you have at full performance.


The Highest level of Technical Expertise, Customer Support, and Security in the industry.

EverSafe! Hybrid Cloud Backup for Business can scale to as much as 80TB in a single appliance so no matter how much you grow we have you covered.  If you ever outgrow a device, we will upgrade you to a larger device and only charge you the difference in price.

Your data is always 256bit Encrypted, both at rest and in flight through the entire process.  It’s encrypted moving from your server to our appliance and from our appliance to the cloud.  Our bi-coastal data centers are SSAE 16 Certified and we are fully ready to sign and certify a Business Associate Agreement if you are required to comply with HIPPA, PCI – DSS, or any other regulatory and security requirements.  We maintain a technical team of over 100 full time US based full time employees standing by 24x7x365.