Cloud Data Backup Solutions

Cloud-Data-Backup-Image-2Cloud Data Backup Solutions are becoming a mainstream solution to protect your critical data. Cloud based solutions provide for some unique benefits over on-premise based backup.  However, like many things in life, there are some downsides as well.

Cloud Data Backup Solutions that fit into this category are services such as Carbonite, Mozy, or CrashPlan.  Some of these companies are very consumer centric, some are commercial or enterprise centric and some are both.  Carbonite is definitely targeted more toward home users and very small businesses.  They market through mainstream radio and television and have low cost unlimited usage pricing models for a single PC.  Mozy has Mozy Home & Mozy Pro.  Home obviously for home users and Pro for business or commercial companies.  CrashPlan works similar to Mozy in that they have low cost single PC solutions for home users but also have heavy duty enterprise based solutions.

Cloud Data Backup Solutions for the Homecloud computing concept

  • Low monthly pricing (although usually you must purchase a year in advance)
  • Unlimited or large quantity of data backup
  • Simple Installation

If you have a home computer and don’t have the ability or dependability to regularly rotate your backup media, these solutions can make alot of sense to save your important data from destruction.  However, they have some weaknesses which can be particularly painful for a business environment

  • Slow speeds.  Especially when making an initial backup
    • To save money, many services cap your upload speed to them. If you have a terabyte of data (which is not unrealistic today with photos and videos), it can take weeks, or even months to get your initial backup completed.  During that time, you have to leave your computer on and need to make sure you continue with your traditional backup methods until you verify your data is in the cloud
    • If you need to restore all your data, such as when a hard drive crashes (it will, its just a matter of when), most of these services don’t offer a reliable or speedy way to get your data back beyond downloading again from the cloud.  Can you wait weeks or even a month for all your data to download from the cloud before you can work again?
  • They usually can only backup simple files such as Microsoft Office documents, pictures, videos etc.  If you use a business grade database such as SQL Server and the like, these solutions usually cannot reliably back them up because the files are always in use.
  • These are usually file based solutions.  They can back up your files, but not your total environment, i.e. Applications, operating system, patches etc.  This means if you lose a hard drive, you’ll have to reinstall and patch everything from scratch.  A very time consuming computing

Cloud Data Backup Solutions for Business  

  • Can be much more expensive than Home solutions.  For example, Mozy Pro is approximately $4,500/year for a Terabyte of storage across multiple servers
  • Can backup open files so they can be safe to backup Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange
  • Have an option to get your data back via DVD’s.  This is still clumsy compared to a local hard drive, but better than waiting weeks to download from the internet
  • Some services allow you to backup to a local hard drive as well as the cloud service for faster restores when the issue isn’t a physical disaster

The EverSafe! Advantage

Take all the advantages of Cloud Data Backup Solutions, then take away most of the disadvantages such as slow backup & Restore times, add in the ability to spin up ready tested clones of your servers, both on-premise and in the cloud and you have true Business Continuity Perfection along with the best Disaster Recovery Solution.