Demonstrations & Presentations

Seeing is Believing

The EverSafe! solution is easy to understand, install and use.  It’s virtually a ‘lights out’ appliance that continues as a sentinel, day & night constantly cloning your production servers, ready at a moments notice to take over any and all workloads to keep you up and running under virtually any scenario. Watch our presentations below and you’ll gain insight into why you need the solution and how it works.


Time: 15 Minutes: – Live Demonstration of EverSafe! including simulated file restore, fail over and cloud disaster recovery.

Narrated Presentation

Time: 17 Minutes: Presentation – This video explains the risks and costs associated with traditional backup solutions, and how EverSafe! differs.

Differences in Backup Technology

Time: 3 Minutes Audience: Presentation – Non-Technical This video explains the differences between backup technologies and why our approach is the best of all worlds.