Disaster Recovery Emergency Kit


Emergency Kit

What would you have in your Disaster Recovery Emergency Kit ? Nobody likes thinking about Disaster Recovery, but as we witness yet again, another major disaster, this time in the Philippines, its really time to plan in advance for this unlikely scenario.  However unlikely, the affects of this can be devastating on a business and cripple it’s daily functions.  Although Sandy was horrible, fortunately few lost their lives, but the amount of business IT downtime was in the billions with many companies going under.

A crash kit is a physical lock box containing key items that  such as critical software keys, encryption keys, contact lists of key employees and all of their various phone numbers, twitter handles, personal email addresses etc.  A copy of your Business Recovery Plan, Server Configuration spreadsheets etc.    This box should be kept well off premise and should be fire & waterproof and a copy of the keys should be kept with more than one critical officer.

A full article on this and other Disaster Recovery Blogs that I think are well thought out are over at:


If you read the details, you’ll see that Erik suggests having numerous critical program installation disks, backup media etc.  All of that complexity of recovery from a disaster goes away with EverSafe!  Even with his plan in place, you could be down for days or weeks because you need to purchase and await for new hardware, reinstall operating systems, applications, patches etc, and then restore your data.  With EverSafe!, in a disaster, you simply spin up near instant clones of your servers in the cloud and can continue operating within 30 minutes or so of a disaster taking down your primary data center.