Disaster Recovery Solutions

Cloud-Data-Backup-Analogy-GraphicDisaster Recovery Solutions come in all shapes and sizes.  They vary from local backup tapes, to on-line cloud solutions like Carbonite, to true Business Continuity Solutions like EverSafe!

Disaster Recovery Solutions in IT can mean different things to different people.  To Clients First, it means the ability to recover from an IT problem, be it small such as a virus, to large scale problems such as a hurricane such that you can stay up and running and conduct business.  The pain of downtime in business can easily be over $15,000 per day..

People confuse the term “ data backup” with real Disaster Recovery Solutions.  Let’s use this analogy ?

Traditional Data Backup solutions = Getting a flat while driving on the freeway and then realizing your spare tire is in your garage.

Eversafe! Cloud Backup Solutions  =  Having Run-Flat tires and continuing to your important meeting after running over a nail without missing a beat.

Traditional backup approaches usually involve some type of removable or portable media such as tape backup or removable hard drives.  You would typically backup your servers on a once per day schedule, typically in off hours to ensure files aren’t busy.  Then proper business practices dictate that you should rotate your media offsite at least once per week so that in the event of a physical disaster like a fire, you could take your tapes or drives to a new location and restore them to new computers.

Newer approaches to Disaster Recovery Solutions include Cloud backup which involves copying your files up to ‘the cloud’ or remote data centers so that if your facility were damaged or destroyed, you could setup new servers elsewhere and download your data from the data centers

The ultimate Disaster Recovery Solution is EverSafe! however.  It has all the benefits of all prior solutions with none of the downsides at a price point that is competitive with cloud only business solutions.

Disaster Recovery Solutions like EverSafe! that employ a combination or “Hybrid” approach of using both on-premise equipment and Cloud or SaaS services give you coverage for all scenarios in one unified platform that is simplicity at its best.  To build your own in-house solution that provides all of our capabilities requires combining numerous vendor solutions, extreme complexity and far higher cost.  EverSafe! backs up all your servers to both the local device and two bi-coastal data centers with SSAE 16 security certifications.  Data at every step, including the local device is 256 bit AES encrypted so what happened to Vudu could never affect your data if it were stored on our appliance or at our data centers.  EverSafe! has no control over data you may store on laptops or desktop PC’s, but once our solution backs up your data, from there on, its secure.

Your backups are ‘booted up’ inside the device on a daily basis automatically simulating the need to use them.  A copy of the Windows login screen is then emailed to you so that you know if you truly needed to use EverSafe!, everything will work as expected.  Trying to recover from a disaster, is not the time to find out you have problems with your back up solution.

In the event of a simple lost or delete file, you can quickly mount any version of your servers from any point in time within the device and restore the file, the directory, even individual Microsoft Exchange Emails or folders.  If one or more servers were to go down for any reason, the EverSafe! device can be failed over within minutes and have your users up and running quickly while you address the source of the problem.  If you have a significant building wide problem such as fire, extended power outage,  flood etc, you can bring a copy of your servers up in the cloud and be up and running, typically in under 30 minutes.

Disaster Recovery Solutions need to deliver true peace of mind and Business Continuity.  EverSafe! does just that.