Downtime: Traditional Backup vs. EverSafe!

Eversafe vs. traditional and cloud backup

Why Ordinary Backup has so much Down Time

  • If your server(s) were to be damaged or destroyed, its likely to take two to four weeks to receiver eplacement hardware which is almost always built to order. Even longer if a large scale disaster takes place such as a hurricane due to the large uptick in orders received by server vendors at once.
  • If you are using tapes, can you even still purchase a compatible tape drive to restore your data?  Do you have the software available to do the restoration as your local installation CD’s may have been destroyed? Was your old tape drive out of alignment? Alignment problems could make your backup tapes unusable for restoration
  • Were your tapes or drives truly being taken off-site regularly or did the process get “lazy” and your off-site copies are weeks old?
  • It can take a day to as much as a week or more to restore all your servers from your backup data to your  new servers. If your current servers aren’t “virtual” the new servers will have a different hardware environment requiring significant IT effort to reinstall the majority of applications, patches, data and components as a simple “restore” will usually not work
  • Most outside IT service technicians will be juggling multiple clients simultaneously in the event of a large scale disaster. If a state of disaster is declared, they may not even be able to get onsite for days or longer
  • Are you doing complete test restorations of your tape backups to test servers to ensure everything is ok?
  • Are you willing to bet your business that your tapes and drives contain ALL of the data you deem important to operations? Did somebody add a new hard drive or database last year that wasn‟t added to your daily backup routine?

You have a Cloud Backup Solution like Carbonite, aren’t you well protected?

  • You still have the same problems in terms of it taking 2-4 weeks to get replacement hardware. Then you have to manually reinstall the operating system, the Carbonite application and start downloading your data and then start your restore process and manually address hardware differences.
  • A business can easily have > 1 Terabyte (TB) of total storage needs. A typical Internet connection could take over 70 days to transfer your data. Your initial backup could take at least that long to create in the first place since upload speed is usually slower than download speed. Carbonite and others are known to throttle bandwidth even slower to save on costs
  • Most cloud backup solutions can’t prioritize servers like EverSafe! so you most critical data may be hours, days or longer behind since the last transmission to the cloud
  • Many cloud backup vendors that offer hard drive shipments of your data can take a week or more due to limited staffing and overseas support desks