Enhancement to EverSafe!

We don’t stop improving our solution


Eversafe! continues to be a unique backup and disaster recovery solution (BDR) with features such as unlimited server licenses, instant file recovery,  ability to boot our mount the backup on the BDR and literally run your servers from the appliance, cloud storage in bicoastal data centers, Exchange recovery, support for physical and virtual servers and automated screenshot testing.

These new updates just make EverSafe! and even better product:

New user interface (UI)

We studied user habits and interface design to create a new UI.  The primary goal was to reduce the time it takes to install, manage, and most of all, restore & virtualize machines.  Reducing time spent on this can get your company back online with minimal downtime.

Our Restore Wizard is one of the biggest rewrites. It is similar to an installation wizard that most people are used to.  With it you can do file restores, local virtualization, bare metal restorations and export backups to virtual servers all from a single attractive web page. Restores take much less time, and since the interface is extremely lightweight and based on HTML 5, it can even speed up devices.

The new Synchronization Tab allows users to track — up to the second — usage numbers and transfer speeds.

Local encryption

Security is very important and, in some cases, required to meet compliance requirements such as PCI-DSS or HIPPA.  EverSafe! has the AES 256 encryption that keeps your data secure, from the EverSafe! device to our SSAE-16 compliant datacenters. The new local encryption ensures data integrity and security throughout the backup and transfer process.  You can now assign unique encryption keys to specific backed up servers or just use one universal code for the hole server.  The data remains encrypted ‘in flight’ to the data center.

Unlimited cloud storage

We now have the ability to create custom cloud retention settings. This allows us and our clients to decide how long to retain data for their needs.  Instead of a typical year, you can save, for example, backups for 7 years that some regulation require.  Retention includes easy to configure roll-up functions to combine historical backups into few snapshots which can save space.

Backup insights

It’s been nearly impossible to determine what happened between backups for the last decade, until now. Enter EverSafe’s new tool, Backup Insights. Backup Insights lets users identify changes in individual files between any two backup snapshots.  Right from the viewer you can directly restore files

Just some more reasons to love EverSafe!