Pricing…Pure and Simple..

At Clients First Technology Solutions, we believe in a very simple and affordable pricing model for our solutions.  We don’t expect to ‘get rich’ on each customer, but rather provide so much value for the dollar that each customer tells other prospective customers about our amazing solutions. That is how we grow.

If you need a PhD in Priceology and a Masters in IT to figure out how much our solution is, than we have failed.  We will leave that complexity to other companies who don’t offer nearly the comprehensive and easy to maintain solution that we do.

Sizing…How do I know which model to buy?

The formula is very simple. It doesn’t matter how many servers you want to backup, what kind or how many processors, or what applications you run.  All you need to know is how much space does all of your server(s) hard drives consume currently?

EverSafe! is not just a simple file backup solution. It backs up the entire server image so that an identical copy can be running in seconds and so that you can restore to replacement hardware with everything installed and ready to run just as it was when the backup image was made.  Thus you need to add up all the hard drive space used on each drive (physical or logical).  There is an option to exclude any hard drive (beyond the boot drive), but to keep things simple and most secure, assume we want to back it all up.


You have two servers.

Server 1:  Windows 2003 domain controller that also shares your office files and serves your printers.  The server has a ‘C’ Drive and a ‘D’ Drive.  The C drive has your operating system on it primarily and is setup as a 200 gig partition with 90gb in use.  The ‘D’ Drive has a 750 gig partition and has 200gb in use

Server 2: Accounting Server with Microsoft SQL Server installed running Windows Server 2008 r2.  The server ‘C’ Drive is 150gb and has 70gb in use, the ‘D’ Drive has 200gb capacity with 50gb in use and the ‘E’ Drive has 800gb capacity with 200gb in use.

It doesn’t matter if these are ‘physical’ drives or logical drives set up in various RAID configurations.  Our solution just cares what they look like in your Windows File Explorer.

In this example, your total in use storage is 90+200+70+50+200= 610GB to backup

The rule of thumb sizing model is to double your actual data used, and then round up to the next largest sized model.  In this case you would say 610 x 2= 1.2tb.  There is a 1TB model and a 2TB model so we would recommend the 2TB model.  This will leave you plenty of room to grow your data and have plenty of historical versions available before needing to ‘collapse’ them up to save space. Very few companies ever have less data next year than they do this year.


Using the above calculations, select the model below based on your budget and feature requirements.  You can then see the specifications and pricing.   Click here for a comparison of the models.

Eversafe.png Eversafe-Lite-Vertical-WhiteBG.png EverNAS