EverNASSimple. Reliable. Affordable.

Our newest solution that offers smart hybrid cloud storage with snapshotting.  EverNAS is no ordinary NAS device.  As users save and share their documents on the device, it takes snapshots of their data so they can easily roll back to previous versions of anything being worked on.  All data syncs to our secure Cloud so it’s always accessible, even in the event of a disaster.


EverNAS lets you set up a custom schedule for capturing snapshots of your data. Recovering a previous version of a document is quick and painless, whether you’re at the office or on the road.

Hybrid Cloud

EverNAS utilizes the same Hybrid Cloud technology our other EverSafe! solutions use for their business continuity solutions to provide bulletproof protection for your NAS data. Snapshots of the EverNAS are replicated to the cloud, so if there is a local disaster like a flood and the EverNAS is destroyed, you have a backup copy in our secure cloud data center.

Hot-Swappable Drive Bays

All EverNAS models are field upgradeable, making our flexible upgrade policy even more convenient. Since all units feature hot-swap drive bays, it’s simply a matter of dropping new drives in, no device swap needed.  Now businesses of any size have a solution that can grow as quickly as they do.

Inverse Chain Technology

EverSafe’s unique Inverse Chain Technology eliminates the problem of  broken backup chains – the place where most issues arise in the backup process.  Each time a backup occurs data is saved in a universal virtual file format (VMDK). These backups are not dependent on previous snapshots, giving you the freedom to change retention and delete snapshots without resetting the chain or having to take a new base image.  Data is always available immediately, both on-site and off-site, for near-instantaneous recovery.  You can use EverNAS as a SAN device for your Virtual Host as well.  This allows you to ‘rewind’ to a prior point in time should you perform operations on your virtual servers you wish you hadn’t or to a point before a virus infected your operating system.

The Right Solution at the Right Budget

EverNAS is affordably priced storage and cloud based backup for businesses of all sizes.  All data stored on the device is automatically replicated to our bi-coastal data centers in the cloud.  If you have a backup software solution you are comfortable with now, you can use that with our EverNAS knowing any backup image stored there is replicated to our cloud.

When disaster strikes, Clients First is there to get you back up.  If your facility and equipment are destroyed, you data can be restored from the cloud directly into a new device and it is overnighted to your location for restoration.  The device replacement cost is covered in your monthly fee.

The Best Way to Store Data

Most current NAS solutions, like Drobo require you to use something like a PC based server and expensive backup software to automatically copy the NAS data to either additional removable hard drives or tapes.  Those drives need to be rotated daily for the offsite data to stay fresh and you typically only store a few days worth of past versions.  Either way, its a clumsy approach to backing up a NAS and often results in companies failing to back the NAS up at all.

EverNAS  completely automates the need  local and off-site backup, allowing you to set your preferences and forget it.  Under the hood, the EverNAS is a powerful Linux based solution, but just appears as any other NAS storage on your network.  It fully respects and supports the security model of your Windows Domain & Active Directory.   The combination of automation, ease of use and on-site and off-site protection ensures your data is always accessible and secure, regardless of any local failure or catastrophe.

Easy Web Management

Like the EverSafe! series, the EverNAS device is managed completely through a web browser.  It allows you quick access to status, statistics, and remote setup and configuration

High Quality Reliable Solution

Clients First’s EverNAS appliances are known for their build quality and dependability. These devices serve as reliable storage for file sharing or as a backup repository.

All EverNAS configurations come with local RAID. Units take advantage of RAID 1, RAID5 and RAID6 which adds protection against local drive failure and increase read and write speeds. Depending on size they have either Dual Gigabit NIC’s or Quad Gigabit NIC’s making them ideal to use as a SAN as well.

Securely Stored in the Cloud

EverNAS devices send mirror images of your data to our C7 & DSS hosted Cloud.  AES 256 bit + SSL key based encryption is used. Our data centers are SSAE 16 certified, meeting or exceeding security and control qualifications set by the AICPA Audting Standards board  The AICPA is known as the gold standard in data security procedures.

Domain Friendly

EverNAS devices are able to join a Windows Server domain so that users can access it using their standard Active Directory log in information.

Apple Time Machine Support

EverNAS devices are capable of acting as a TimeCapsule, natively supporting backups from Apple TimeMachine and allowing them to automatically be shuttled into the cloud.

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