The New Standard for Business Continuity

Clients First Technology Solution’s EverSafe! is the only solution that offers backup, disaster recovery, instant on-site virtualization, instant off-site virtualization, screenshot verification of backups, and Intelligent Business Continuity all from one simple user interface.

Intelligent Business Continuity – The EverSafe Difference

EverSafe! provides smart continuity for your business to eliminate IT downtime.  When your servers go down, EverSafe! can get you up and running in seconds with our unique Instant Virtualization.

EverSafe is like having an insurance policy for your data protecting you against data loss and expensive down time by using a breakthrough technology that significantly simplifies the process of backing up and recovering servers.  By using our proprietary Inverse Chain Technology, EverSafe eliminates the unreliability and complexity of tradition backup’s that use Incremental pieces that get re-assembled when you need to restore to a point in time.  In these traditional solutions, if just one piece of an incremental backup is lost, all backups from that point on are useless.  EverSafe stores your files natively in a Virtual Machine (VMDK) format as well so they can be brought up instantly when needed and without the long delays associated with virtualizing a backup image.

Since each and every backup you make is a fully bootable (and tested) image, you can quickly start up a clone of your down server locally or in the cloud from virtually any point in time.  When the EverSafe appliance is being used to run one of your failed servers it even continues to backup itself so that no matter what unexpected setof events occurs, you always know your data is backed up on the device and in two cloud data centers powered by C7 & DSS.Screenshot Verification

Boot and Screenshot Verification

Eversafe! leverages instant virtualization capabilities to provide the most advanced method of backup verification in the industry. By taking a screenshot of each completed boot process virtually, SIRIS tests backup integrity and proactively identifies boot-ability issues. Serving as evidence of a successful backup, the screenshot can be shared with end-users to ensure peace of mind that data can be recovered at a moment’s notice. No more checking each individual device in your fleet. A login screen is emailed to you to confirm a successful boot.

Centralized Management

All Eversafe! Appliances can be managed from a centralized Web Browser interface.  We can provide you with access to critical statistics while providing our service team with the ability to assist you with failover and other administrative tasks.

Advanced Deduplication and Compression

Information sent off-site is compressed even further using LZMA2 compression to least data usage and fastest transfer times.  Advanced deduplication looks for identical files across all of your backups and actually only stores one version which can cut space and bandwidth utilization significantly.

eDiscovery Software

eDiscovery gives Datto users the ability to search keywords within their backup data, emails, and attachments and review in an easy to read format. Powered by the industry-leading Kroll On-Track software, Power Controls is compatible with dozens of file formats and systems including Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint (with support for version 2013).

A Virtual Testbed

EverSafe! provides a significant added value that is often overlooked.  Because the solution is maintaining constant identical clones of your production servers, it can be used to bring up copies of these servers, at any point in time, and use them to test out things like patches, upgrades or risky applications.  Read more here.

Future Ready

EverSafe! appliances use the latest standards and are continuously being enhanced.  Every EverSafe! devices supports software RAID and volumes greater than 2 terabytes.  It also supports GPT Partition formats including those using EFI Boot.  It can back up both virtual and physical systems in almost any storage configuration.  The EverSafe! device automatically downloads updates and installs them in the background without user intervention ensuring your solution is always running the latest version.

Broad Operating System Support

Ever safe! supports a wide array of operating systems including Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 and 7 and Windows 8 which is nearly any Windows system still in production today. EverSafe appliances can also actas a Time Capsule allowing it to support backups from Apple’s MacOS TimeMachine application.  They are then safely sent off-site to ensure maximum data safety.

Better Bare Metal Restore

EverSafe! appliances use a proprietary method for performing bare metal restores. Rather than use a limited restore environment that fits on a single CD, EverSafe! supports network Bare Metal Restore (BMR). The EverSafe appliance acts as a network boot server allowing the destination system to be booted using PXE Boot (Common on almost all systems newer than 2001). EverSafe! also supports restoring to smaller volumes, something not found in most other solutions

Domain Friendly

EverSafe! devices can even be joined to Windows domains, making it possible for users to access NAS shares using their Active Directory credentials.

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