Virtual Test Bed


Crash Test your Environment

EverSafe! has the ability to perform instant on and off-site virtualizations.  This gives your IT users the option to test out upgrades, patches, complex database functions and more with no impact to the network.  A Virtual Test bed reacts and responds just as your live servers would and can provide numerous benefits.

  1. The most apparent benefit to a virtual test bed is obvious.  It can be used for testing without real world consequences.  They provide the only reliable environment for predicting the impact of a change and is an excellent way to perform upgrades to software or test patches.  Our instant local virtualization allows a user to work inside a secure network with no impact to end-users’ ability to continue their daily work.  You can test scenarios in advance at a much faster rate which increases quality and decreases risk.
  2. You can run risky application tasks and predict the outcome before bad things happen.  It’s a virtual ‘undo’ button for your complex applications.  For example, you could use a rarely used function in your accounting software to renumber a series of customers or merge them.  If not done exactly right, it can result in accidentally merging all of your customers data into one record with no ability to fall back.  Testing this in the EverSafe! makes sure your staff knows how to use the function before performing it on your live system.  Of course with EverSafe!, even if your users still did it improperly on your production system, you can quickly restore from your last snapshot.  You can even manually take a snapshot right before executing the function ‘just in case.’  Taking a snapshots only takes a minute or two in most cases.
  3. A virtual test bed can prevent downtime and provide complete business continuity.  IT staff can avoid making IT systems vulnerable to unplanned downtime by taking advantage of this feature.  When there is pressure to get something done tasks are sometimes rushed resulting in processes that aren’t always done properly.  Proactively testing your recovery procedures in an isolated network that will have no conflicts with your live systems is an essential part of business continuity and local virtualization is the perfect way to do this.
  4. The EverSafe! solution can save you the cost of buying additional servers for testing labs so that you can stage test upgrades.  This feature alone can more than pay for the appliance itself.  Even while testing upgrades, EverSafe! is still continuing to backup your live servers, testing them and sending images to the Cloud.
  5. A virtual test bed can allow you to train your IT staff on what needs to be done in the event of a real disaster without risking changes being made to your production environment.