Internet Fail-Over


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Internet Downtime can be as crippling as Server Downtime

Even the best ISP’s usually only claim 99% uptime.  That 1% can add up to 88 hours per year of downtime.  Perhaps it occurs on a Sunday, or perhaps it happens Monday morning at 10am.  If you host your own email servers like Microsoft Exchange, an outage, even after hours or on the weekend, can be crippling.

Clients First’s EverConnect! solution tackles this problem far better than previous expensive and slow scenarios.  This solution is comprised of unique hardware components, a 4g LTE wireless broadband network and Clients First installation & engineering to ensure it works for you.   In many cases, Cable, fiber and T1 lines go down at the same time when there is a regional disaster such as a hurricane.  This is because not only are they run along the same poles as power lines, but much of their switching hardware depends on the power grid being up.  4G LTE networks generally have independent diesel generators for each cell tower and thus are far less likely to be down.  In the Northeast during Hurricane Sandy, Verizon’s 4g network stayed up in most areas.  In addition, 4G LTE is usually significantly faster than T1 and many other backup circuit options and comes at a generally lower cost for fail-over purposes

Each EverConnect! scenario needs to be evaluated based on your existing geography, coverage and Internet Firewall/Router.  Your existing firewall needs to support a failover circuit and be from either WatchGuard or SonicWALL.  If you use another vendor and it supports a failover circuit, we need to work with your existing IT provider to interface EverConnect! with your firewall.  If you handle your IT needs internally, we can also provide a SonicWALL for your needs and work with them to get it installed.

In areas covered by Verizon Wireless LTE (recommended) our solution can provide up and down throughput of 20mbs/sec or higher when your primary Internet Service Provider goes down.  Failover occurs in seconds.

Our solution can be placed near a window and powered over POE (Power over Ethernet) in case power isn’t available where the antenna is optimal to be placed.

The fail-over hardware cost is part of the monthly fee and remains property of Clients First and the Wireless Carrier.


If you have one of the supported Firewalls, installation is $750.  If you need us to supply and setup a firewall or work with your IT personnel to configure it with your existing firewall  pricing will be discussed based on your specific requirements and complexities.  If you host email on-premise, some additional setup charges might apply.

If 4g LTE is not available at your location, we can still supply our solution, but you will be limited to the 3g speeds available in your area which generally range from 250kbps to 1mbs download and 150kbps to 500kbps upload.

Monthly cost for the EverConnect! option is $200/month prepaid one year in advance after installation.  Each EverConnect! customer received up to 5gb of data usage per month at no additional charge. Each additional gb of data is $20.